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New Podcast preview

Coach Sommer

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Alessandro Mainente

i will never forget all these worlds!! they have totally changed my mind!

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Jonas Berglund

Thank you so much Chris for more motivation! 

For me, this came in the perfect time. Ive never doubted this program. However private life is probably more busy than ever and my motivation for training was downhill abit.

In busy times, stick to the basics and go Home. When i have more time over, add some play after it. But the basics will always ALWAYS come first and be Done!

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James Strack

Loved that podcast, very inspirational and informative!  I wish I knew about gymfit years ago.  In the podcast, Coach Sommers gets asked about how children are able to do things that adults can't in gymnastics or something like that.

Thinking about that, I remember a youtube by Niles where he challenges kid gymnasts and some of them beat him.  Those early years of training are no joke.  


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