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Mathew Simenc

How can I treat my pelvic obliquity?

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Mathew Simenc

Hi gb community,

In recent years a couple of medical professionals have told me my right leg is about five centimeters shorter than my left. Three days ago, an orthopedic surgeon looked at my hip x-ray and said my pelvis is oblique. What are ways people treat this kind of thing? Has anyone here dealt with it personally? I read an article that suggested it could be due to long-term usage of one side of my body compared with the other, which makes sense for me. I skateboarded for years standing with my left foot in the back only.

I notice when doing my gb exercises my feet do tend to shift so my left leg is a bit further back, even if the start at the same place.




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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Mathew, the following pass is understanding if:

-the obliquity of your pelvis is a bones problem;

-the obliquity is a tissue problem. in this case, a PT should tell you what muscles are shorter and strong and what muscles are longer and weak and then work on stretching the short ones and strengthening the long ones.

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