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Nathaniel McAdoo

Scapula problems?

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Nathaniel McAdoo

Hello, I was curious if any physios orthos would be able to give me an opinion on this. To put it simply: my scapula don’t seem to work the same. The left one behaves oddly. I’m wondering if this is an issue that needs to be checked out, or will it be worked out (get it) with some exercise? I have recently started crossover symmetry band work to see if it will help this assymmetry, but should I go into an ortho to get this checked?


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Petra Dvorak

Hi Nathaniel

Good thing you noticed this problem early in your journey of gst!
It is called "scapula alata" or winged scapula, mostly caused by a weak M.serratus anterior and/or not sufficient
body awareness/coordination in certain positions.

Building strenght of your scapula-fixators in different positions (pushing and pulling) is very well adressed in foundations 1,
learning the control and getting scaled versions for daily work is best done face to face with a physio!

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