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Help with equipment (UK)

Mar Munoz

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Hi folks, I'm getting all these and would like to know the thoughts of someone experienced. Are these ok or is there anything better / anything else I should be getting? 

Gymnastic Rings

Wall bars


I already have dip bars and a pull up bar to hang from the door.

:lol: Also how the heck do I fix the wall bars without fixtures (not included)? I guess my questions is: where do I buy the fixtures and what do they look like? I don't have a drill so was thinking of using something like TaskRabbit... 

Thanks in advance  

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Alessandro Mainente

Rings are the same I's used to buying when  I need them. the price of the stall bar is too low. is not possible to have stall barn costing less than a pair or short floor pbars.

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Christopher Hancox

Check out eBay. There is a set of oak wall bars in London going for £90 at the moment.

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