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seeking posture check

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Hi all 

my posture got corrected a little with training it was horrible before especially the shoulders and more refined with GB integrated mobility (cuban curls, dislocates, lat flyes, hanging, thorasic bridge, pike, splits,)

i want to know if my posture is good or need some refinement i still think theres some refinement for the thorax and the hips (i feel like they are pushed a little forward)and a litle in the shoulder girdle 

suggestions comments are welcome 



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Christopher Hancox


For specific posture exercises look into a guy called Dr Eric Goodman. His book "True to Form" has some great exercises which correct classic modern posture.

From your picture I would concentrate on posterially tilting your pelvis, expanding your rib cage and rearranging its relation to the pelvis (caused by tight abs).  The front of your chest should be infront of your stomach and pelvis when viewed side on. Also externally rotate your shoulders. I would assume that your feet are externally rotated and possibly pronated as these are the usual combinations with an anterior tilted pelvis. These issues are also important to fix.

Hope this helps.

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