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Best Location for Stall Bars in a small room

Mark Allen

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm building a set of stall bars to use in a relatively small room I'm going to be using 248 cm (8.13 ft)x 223 cm (7.31 ft). I could locate the stall bars on two of the walls, there are strong enough fixing points and the floor is concrete. As the room is relatively small the question I have is which is more important to have a little more space in front of the stall bars or more space either side of the stall bars? I'm currently working on foundation 1, Handstand 1 and the stretch series. 

I'm 170 cm/ 5.57 ft tall and the distance from floor to finger tips when standing with my hands above my head is 215 cm/ 7.05 ft

Stall Bar Position 1:

Approx distance from the centre of the stall bars to the wall either side: 111 cm/3.65 ft
Approx distance to the tumble dryer 178 cm/ 5.83 ft
Approx distance to opposite wall 239 cm/ 7.84ft

Stall Bar position 2: 

Approx distance from the centre of the stall bars to the wall either side: 124 cm/4.06 ft
Approx distance to opposite wall 210 cm/ 6.8 ft

Here's a rough view of the room. 

I may well be overthinking this but as the room is small I thought it was worth asking the question. 





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Hi Mark, 

I love the design! I think both would be good. 

#1 I like that it has plenty of space on both ends but you pretty much take up this whole wall and have no chance of putting anything else on this wall. The concrete wall may be hard to drill into for longevity. 

#2 This is probably your best bet. Enough space on both ends, drilled into a stud wall. If this was my place I'd go here. 

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Put the stall bars on the stud wall. This type of wall usually has a bottom "plate" (wooden bearer) anchored to the foundations and and a top "plate" (bearer) that the ceiling rest upon.

If the concrete blocks are hollow, you will not be able to fix the stall bars SAFELY to the wall, especially as these walls are designed for a compression load (to hold the roof) and not a tension load ("pull out" tension on the bolts).

If the concrete blocks are solid, you can drill in and use an expansion bolt BUT you must also use a chemical anchor to bond the bolt to the concrete.

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Hi guys, 

Thanks for taking the time to reply, very useful. My initial thinking was to go with 2nd position but thought get some advice as there are so many knowledgeable people on the forum. 

Very much appreciated. 


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