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Mike Smeal

Should I do both wrist push ups and Wrist Roll push ups?

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Mike Smeal

So I want to build up my wrist strength - They're pretty strong as is from a few years of planche training but I never consistently did any wrist push ups - just on and off.

I currently do four sets - 2 sets of wrist push ups and 2 sets of wrist roll push ups (the ones where you start on your fists, roll forward onto the knuckle then all the way back as you go down for a push up).

My question is, is one better than the other? I was under the assumption that standard wrist push ups (from the back of the hand) are the best but I am not sure.

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Everett Carroll

Hey Mike,

There are actually four wrist strength exercise categories in the Handstand One Course that should be done weekly. The progressions and programming for those are included with that course. 


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