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Hip Arthritis and Stiffness

Matt Oney

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Severe hip arthritis, not in any pain thanks to noninflammatory diet.  If I can just get some mobility back I can avoid hip replacement for a short while longer.  Finally been consistent with MS and FS coming up on 22 weeks I know all the gains are at 6 months and can't wait.   The big thing is the tightness in the glutes and lowerback, I can't get close to being in the tuck position.  If I could get there... I don't think I'd need the hip replacement.

What else can I do?  I will take any suggestions, especially if anyone can point me to any videos etc.  I am digging into the glutes with lacrosse balls etc. 

Thank you!!

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Alessandro Mainente

HI Matt, I would be honest with you. IN this cases I do not have the competency to say something simply because arthritis it is a general term. arthritis can be diffuse or located in a specific region, it can involve tendon and ligament.

unfortunately, the goal of the forum and of our suggestion ends before this type of problems.

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