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Kip to L or V Sit on RIngs

Craig Jones

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Hi All,

Looking for any assistance for coaching Kip to L sit on rings.  He has progressed through rings programme to 4 sets L hold on rings, back lever and muscle ups done.
I believe problem is technical understanding of skill.
I cannot find any drills for athlete and would appreciate advice or link to video of progression.

Video of progress of shoulder flex with programme


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Alessandro Mainente

HI Craig, the video sounds to be not available. Also, consider that generally, I tend to not give technical assistance for gymnastics skill work where there is a technical component. it is a field where you need a face to face tutelage.

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Hi Alessandro, that is ok I understand.
I was looking for good videos of the skill to analyse that were not cross fitters doing gymnastic skills and advice for physical prep incase I had missed it.
The video is at Here

Kind Regards


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