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Jonathan Sinclair Sinclair

Offset bar in stall bars. What to do?

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Jonathan Sinclair Sinclair

Hey everyone,

I've finally got some stall bars installed in my condo, and I've been using them a lot. The only thing I have found odd about them is the third bar down is also offset forwards like the top bar. I haven't ran into much of an issue with it yet, but I've just started into windshield wipers (PE11) and they are almost impossible just the way my head is pushed forward. I sincerely don't think I cheated my way through all the half windshield wipers and this is the reason I'm getting stuck here. 

These are the stall bars I have - https://www.artimex-sport.com/ca/products/stall-bars-vancouver-7-6-1-2-high-red-oak-code-221-e-1007

Just wondering whether this is something to just get used to and find a workaround, or if I should look into removing that bar entirely or try to drill a new hole to put that bar back into alignment with the others. 

Any advise would be appreciated!

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Alessandro Mainente

Hey Jonathan you can consider removing the pole temporary, this means making a mechanism that permits to attach the pole quickly.

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