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Mobility for Weightlifting

Michael Hussle

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Michael Hussle

Hello all, first time back here in a long time. 

I know it might be heresy on here but I prefer weights most of the time to gymnastic training. Now that that's out of the way, I also know lifters do a bad job of mobility most of the time. I know I do. 

Case in point my shoulders are killing me lately.  I know I have nobody to blame but myself for being lazy and not working on shoulder mobility, and now I want to a) fix the problem and b) bulletproof my shoulders and other joints moving forward.  BUT I still want to lift  

So my question for y'all is what is the best way to incorporate the mobility from gymnastics for lifting? And specifically for injury prevention?

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Luke Searra

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your post. Gymnasticbodies is obviously focused on Gymnastics based strength, also of course it's better not to treat the symptoms after the problem has occurred but rather make sure the "weightlifting shoulders", never happen.

Of course this is always easier said in hindsight. 

I would recommend you focus on two of the Gymnasticbodies courses for your overhead positions, strength and mobility:

1) Handstand One: Wrist preparations and strength daily. Handstand One done once or twice per week to start while you lift, and add from there.

2) Stretch Series: Thoracic Bridge, start once per wekk and eventually progress to twice once acclimatised.  

Once you are doing these and you have any questions about the movements please feel free to post them here (even your GB movement videos for the forum coaches to check and give you advice).

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