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I am completely new to this - where to buy equipment?


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Hi all

I would like to buy some equipment - I dont know where to start, is it cheap? is it possible to install at home?


I would love to get started

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Edward Smith

Necessary Equipment

Yep there are some vital bits of equipment for Gymnastic strength training. The rings are probably the best thing to get, can be used in any manner (dips, pull ups, push ups, iron cross) which means it can take place of many other pieces of equipment (pull up bars, parallettes, etc). Plus it adds an another element of difficulty (stabilization) to exercises.

Other pieces of important equipment are:

-pull up bar

-parallette's (if your unsure what these are just look it up on google, they're like mini p-bars [parallel bars)

-ab wheel (a very useful piece)

-some weight plates (for supplementing exercises (i.e weighted leg lifts, weighted pull ups)

-books, oww yes! books are a good incremental way of raising the hands in HSPU (handstand push ups)

anymore question shoot away

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George Launchbury

If you're just starting out, there's plenty you can do with a pull-up bar and parallettes. If you can run to some rings too, all the better.

I made a set of low parallettes recently, and am very happy with them in terms of functionaility, comfort, ease of storage and they look nice (I like wood). They are high enough to do L-seats on, but low enough that I can do handstands in my sitting room (I'm around 6'2'').


For a pull-up bar, I just slung an old weight training bar between two beams in the garage, and secured tightly with some old climbing rope. I hang my rings from the bar.

Fitness doesn't have to be expensive, though I would say that if you want to do ring training ...buy some proper rings. I tried many kinds of home-made variations and eventually gave in and bought some proper ones. I wish I had done so sooner.



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