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Tutorial - How to Build a DIY Rings Harness

Hadyn Wiseman

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Johan Tideland


Nice tutorial, it really explains how to make one easy. 

I work with rope quite a lot and I also often use a harness at work, thus based on my experience there are a few things I would like to add.

The knot you use is called an "overhand knot", I would not recommend it since it is very difficult to untie one drawn snugly and it also weakens the rope with up to 50%. The other knot you showed but did not use is much better for this purpose, it is called a "figure eight knot" or "double figure eight knot" since the rope is doubled. There are more knots you can use for this quite satisfactory, but lets not complicate it too much. 

The other thing I want to add is that I do not recommend you to attach the rope or carbines to the "tool attachment loops" because as the name implies they are only designed to carry light tools. I do not know how it is for that particular brand of harness that you have but I know that tool attachments for similar harnesses are most of the time only approved for 5kg. Obviously they can carry your bodyweight as shown in your video since these stuff have a safety margin most of the time, but I still do not recommend anyone to push safety margins, especially when you override it multiple times and when the stuff gets older. This might seem a bit over the top on safety but I can't help mentioning it, I have seen some nasty accidents at work when people have been careless with their harnesses.

I would recommend putting the rope directly around the harness instead, perhaps two turns to increase the friction so that it does not slide around. Having the rope around the harness might not be ideal since the rope might cut into the harness and squeeze it there, thus making it uncomfortable, still I would rather have this setup since it is safer. Another option would be to sew a sturdy loop to the harness at the right spot, this would however probably require a heavy duty sewing machine and that you know how much stitching you need in order for it to be safe.

I just wanted to add my 2 cents, good luck and remember to build a strong foundation before serious ring training is started.

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