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Rajan Shankara

Front Lever, pseudo planche and Brachialis

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Rajan Shankara

Aloha Fitness Brothers and Sisters, 

I dropped enough weight to the point where front levers are easier and pseudo planches on rings have come up in my training. For the first time I am getting a soreness in my brachialis and was wondering if that is an ok place to get sore. Feels like a normal soreness after new training stimulus, but just wondering if other gymnasts were getting sore at that insertion point or if that is a sign of inferior preparation. 


Thanks, Raj



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Jeffrey Bittner

Hi Rajan,

It's good to hear that you're moving along in your training! I have had a sore brachialis quite a few times. Its a weird place to get sore, but it feels great. As long as the brachialis feels sore like any other muscle would, it is ok. If any pain starts, adjustments will need to be made. Good luck!

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