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Starting with handstands with bad shoulder mobility - beneficial?

Fabio Paulus

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Fabio Paulus

Hello everybody!

My shoulder mobility is rather bad. When I'm standing on my feet and pointing my arms straight up, I don't have a nice bodyline. Both shoulders are not good in mobility, but my right side is a bit worse.

While working on this, I'm thinking to start with some wall-handstands and finally build up to a freestanding handstand. Is this a good idea? Or should I wait till my shoulder are more mobile?

I only want to start with handstands if it is beneficial and not harming anything in any way!

(For clarification, I don't have any medical problems with my shoulders, everything feels good.)


Thanks in advance! :)

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Leo Trinidad

It would be better if you wait until your shoulders are more mobile, sufficient wrist, shoulder and core strength before engaging to some wall handstands because giving attention to these will greatly hasten your progress towards a freestanding handstand :)

I highly recommend Foundation One and Handstand One Courses. 

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Wesley Pittman

@Leo Trinidad

Hi Leo,

Do you have any suggestions for supplemental stretching for shoulder mobility? I have some similar issues to Fabio it sounds like. When I put arms overhead or in a supine position with proper form (transverse abdominals engaged and back flat), my arm can only really come up to 70, maybe 75 degrees. I feel actual pain (tolerable, but unpleasant) radiating down the arm and around the scapula. The closer my arm is to my ear, the worse it is. I presume it has to do with the deltoid complex, but really don't know for sure.

BTW- I finished fundamentals recently and am currently working F1.


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Everett Carroll

Hey Wesley,

Like Leo said above, the Handstand 1 course is filled with outstanding shoulder mobilities. As for the pain stemming from your shoulder, I recommend seeing a physio and avoiding movements that cause it pain. 

Congrats on completing Fundamentals! Welcome to GB. 



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