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Straddle planche and deload

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Hi everyone,

First i'm sorry for my english, i'm a french gymnast and coach too i don't speak english very well.

I work alone the stradlle planche during 9 month without any rest ( 4 - 6 day per week), i have a solid tuck planche (20 sec ) and 10 sec ADV tuck planche, i can hold the straddle for 2 sec max. I have all straight and bent arm variation ( press to handstand pike, straddle and tuck and bent arm planche to handstand straight and straddle )
I begins to loose my strenght this week, i can't hold the straddle anymore, i thinks i need some rest and i will stop the max isometric work for 10 day. I continue the basic strenght routine.
Do you thinks i more interessting to stop max isometric strenght and wait to recover my strenght or continue to increase my ADV tuck planche for 15 seconde.
If i stop any form off isometric work i a m scared to loose my strenght. Wath should i do ?

Ps : Thank you for all information on this website, the french gymnastics community does not have any website like this and its very difficult to find good advice and explication too.

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