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Vita VIbe stall bar - any thoughts?

Luke Barker

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Looking at the close up photo, I'm not sure it's going to be strong enough for GST. I'd want to know exactly how they are attaching the bars. 

Their Non-Adjustable model looks ok though.

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Hi there - I'm relatively new to the community and wanted to bump this topic back up. Does anyone have any personal experience with the vita vibe adjustable stall bars?

I spoke with Vita Vibe saleperson, and she mentioned that the uprights are 2 adjustable tracks. Hardware goes into the tracks, and there is a clamp that wraps around each rung. Tightening the hardware locks the rung into place on the bar. It's a pretty neat idea, in that you can add more rungs, or personalize spacing. The price is really competitive too.

Any real world users out there care to share their thoughts?



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Matthias Schwartz

Hi Jeffery, I posted a reply about the Vita Vibe stall bar it doesn't seem to have shown up. I bought one a few weeks ago and it is great. Really well built and easy to put together. No reservations at all about it. I got the 36" non-adjustable with 350 lb. weight capacity since I weigh 225, so I didn't want to take any chances. It's got steel side and support rails and wooden 1.5" rungs (hence the high weight capacity). The thicker rungs challenge your grip slightly more but don't dig into your back as much. I got it for about $320 but their prices seem to have jumped up to $500 recently.



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