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Jeff Doornweerd

Just starting out

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Jeff Doornweerd

New to GST but been active my whole life (crossfit, yoga, running and swimming).  I love the concept of this program.  I've started out with foundation course and will probably add handstand soon. My question is, I am starting with the step 1 of each exercise and am wondering if I need to progress this slowly to build joint health or if I am able to do a lot of the step 1 exercises at mastery level already if I can do that now to get a more challenging workout?

The deck squats and the hinge rows are the only two exercises that I can't do to mastery yet.  My ankle mobility is tight because of a few marathons I've run and the hinge rows are mostly awkward, I've only done regular ring rows before. If anyone knows of any other good ways to get mobility back in my ankles please share.

Can I move to higher steps in the movements I have mastered or do all of them need to be mastered before moving on?

Thanks for any help/advice you can offer.

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Mats Trane

Mobility takes time but being patient and consistent you'll get it back. My friend got into GST about a year ago and had the same problem with ankle mobility as you. He started to progress when he daily starting to address the problem. Spend a lot of time in a squat is what he did. It s like coach says in the thoracic bridge course. "To get the bridge you have to spend time in the bridge"

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