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Katharina Huemer

My daily compression drill workout !video! please comment

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Katharina Huemer

Could go into detail now why I ask this, but that would take pretty long.

I am currently really busy with work and uni and social life, but tried to put together a daily (6 days a week) routine to make share that I do not lose the ability to do a nice, EFFORTLESS stalder straddle press handstand with good form.

I will put the link to the video down below.

Here is the explanation:

I start with a warm-up of about 15 minutes.

Then I do all the exercises I showed in the video. I do all of it with ankle weights (1kg on each leg which is about 2.3lbs per leg)
I do 3 sets and hold all positions for 10 seconds.

3x10 Standing Straddle Presses

3x10secs Straddle L hold
3x10secs Medium Straddle L Hold
3x10secs High Straddle L Hold
3x10secs Standing Compression Low
3x10secs Standing Compression Medium
3x10secs Standing Compression High

3x10secs Straddle L Pules
3x10secs Medium Straddle L Pulses
3x10secs High Straddle L Pulses
3x10secs Standing Compression Low Pulses
3x10secs Standing Compression Medium Pulses
3x10secs Standing Compression High Pulses

3x10 Negative Straddle Presses

3x10secs Straddle V Hold
3x10secs Straddle V Pulses
3x10secs Straddle V Tuck into it

This takes me about 30 minutes or a little more. Then I stretch all splits+bridge and do some mobility (shoulder dislocates etc)

Will this help me keep a good, effortless Stalder Press or is it still too less?

NOTE: In this video I am doing it without the weights, only 1 set and about 2 secs, just to show the exercises. I also know I should compress more, but this was after workout and I just rushed it before bed!

Thanks in advance



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Julian Aldag

I would recommend doing your stretching BEFORE the active component. That way you will have less resistance and more range during the active flexibility drills.  Thats my intuition, but I would love to hear what other people have to say.



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Francesco Pudda

Yes, static strething before will definetely help you compress more.

A good exercise I found useful is this: seated pike or straddle stretch for 30s, then raise up and put quickly your hands on the ground, lift your legs and compress as much as you can; the closer the hands to the feet the harder.

Imagine a pike stretch, when you raise up you should be like this (more or less depending on your flexibility):


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Fabio Pinna

Static stretching before effort can actually reduce strenght and prevent reaching the complete range of motion. I much prefer active, dynamic stretching, which also moves the joints and gets the muscles working.

What I'd suggest is to incorporate a few set of weighted pancakes stretches in your warmup. It's my go-to straddle compression warmup exercise, to access my complete range of motion whenever I want to train compression. I do a few sets with a short pause at the bottom, and then rise again by focusing on using my hip muscles instead of the back. I don't do a precise number of sets of repetition (it's after all just a warmup), and I don't push the position at all at the bottom: I simply lean until the point when I feel tension, pause 2 secs, and then rise up again, focusing on using my hip muscles instead of my back. With each repetition, and especially with each set, I am able to get lower and lower and lower. I stop doing the exercise as soon as I feel that the bottom position is going to become a deep stretch, as I want to avoid that - leave deep stretches for after the workout. Sometimes a single set of ten repetitions is enough to access my complete range of motion, sometimes I need 5 sets of 8... it greatly depends on the day, and how sore I am from the day before.

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