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Dorian Brown

Growth of the community

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Dorian Brown

I just wanted to post to congratulate Coach and the entire GST team on what has have built here. I believe I started my membership in almost 2 years ago and the amount of progress in those two years have been impressive both on the site and personally. I had to take along break due to injury but since I started back up at the end of last year the community seems to have grown leaps and bounds. The new programs, the GST newsletter, GB online classes, etc. It is really starting to feel like gymnastics strength training is becoming more than some online courses but an entire lifestyle. It changes the way you interact with the world both physically and mentally. It forces you to fight for what you want. It teaches to you recognize your weaknesses and work towards correcting them. It seems like as I grow so does the community, the forums improve, the quality of the videos improve and there are new programs.

The only thing that has remained constant is Coach himself. Anytime you ask for help either Coach himself or another seasoned GST practitioner is there to guide you. Given the growth over the past 2 years its crazy to think where we will be in 2 more years. 


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