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Brian Henson

What does maintenance look like?

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Brian Henson
Cory Fair was kind enough to respond to one of my questions. He directed me to the forums I’ve been lurking the last couple of days to get a feel for the type of information discussed here.
 I have questions about maintenance.
My question:
“Coach Sommer as advises many people to back off weights when starting GB style training but part of me thinks this applies more to a "couch potato type" that heard about GB on Robb Wolfs podcast while trying a “paleo" diet after a 5-year layoff of significant, robust activity. But what about me? ....... I know we all think we are advanced lol.
 I am 49, and I’ve been lifting weights since I was 15 almost continuously. I think I would be considered pretty strong by most people especially for age and size (5’7  and about 170 lbs.) But have learned (at the hands of "Grace’s and company’s video’s") I have lost significant flexibility. Gymnasticbodies has been an awesome edition to my training especially since I have two young children; we go to "open gym" at gymnastics facilities several times a month which peaked my interest in "gymnastic" type training. “Why is the old guy doing dips on the parallel bars over there??????
Cory's reply:
“Backing off weights applies in all instances, not just couch potatoes. The reason is this, the primary reason for joint injury and disfunction is an imbalance between strength and mobility/flexibility. The larger the gap, the more likely the case there’s a ticking clock waiting to trigger an injury. The stronger an athlete is, the more this becomes important. Coach’s elite guys who focused on rings spent more time training joint prep and mobility than they did strength simply because minimizing that gap is so important. If you continue to increase strength, even while training mobility you aren’t doing much to close that gap. Until you’ve caught up, strength goes on maintenance only. If you’re diligent about flexibility and mobility it’s a fast fix, with most issues resolvable under six months.”
 1. What does maintenance look like in the GB world?
 A typical punch the clock work out for me would look like: Warm-up with a GB video. Do three sets of 50 pushups, Bench 225 x 5 and 275 x 2. Dead lift 325 5x5. Take the dog out for a vigorous walk with some sprinting and do a bunch of pulls ups at the park. Come home feed the dog and do some, farmer walks, kettlebell shoulder presses. 
2. Why “The larger the gap, the more likely the case there’s a ticking clock waiting to trigger an injury.” ???????? I come from the school of thought that if in doubt get stronger. Why can’t you continue to increase strength while increasing mobility?


 I appreciate any insight that you have.

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