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Jacquelyn O'Brien

Loving the programs. Thank you!

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Jacquelyn O'Brien

Just finished my first four week cycle of F1 and H1 and my 7th week of the 3 stretch programs.


Now that it's underway I know that there are some things that I'm going to have to be VERY patient with (hinge rows) but there are also some things where I can see progress already (deck squats) that I couldn't do at all 4 weeks ago.


There's no particular reason for this post except to share how much I love the combination of the programs. I'd been at a plateau for a while in both strength and flexibility due to some injuries / health challenges but in the last 7 weeks I've seen amazing changes.


The programs fit so well together with change accelerated by using different approaches for the same muscles / joints across the week. Every time I return to a program there's something new that I couldn't do last time. Yeah, I know that you all knew this already but I'm saying it anyway.  ;)


I'm prepared to wait for a long time to get my handstand, etc but the small changes that have happened already are enough to keep me inspired. Being able to 'live in my body' more comfortably and be more competent and useful are exactly what I needed both physically and mentally.


So, thank you, Coach and team.


And thank you to everyone who contributes to the forums. What a great community!




PS Am I the only one who reads it as 'Fun Follow Along Class' every single time?

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