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How does one improve/work on active flexibility?


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How can one improve their active flexibility?


A few general examples


  1. Straddle and pike flexibility for straddle and v ups.
  2. Raising your leg slowly into the air and holding it there, like those karate guys holding kicks.
  3. Doing splits in handstand, or shoulderstand, or doing splits when hanging off a bar or rings (I don't know if this has even been done).



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Alessandro Mainente

We can distinguish 2 phases in the long therms programming:
1- major part of the work I done in order to release tension into antagonist muscles while active strength that's nothing more than strength training it is held at minimum
2-passive stretch is held at minimum (maintenance) while strength is the major part of the training

Stretch courses address phase 1
Foundations address phase 2

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