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Gavin Strelitz

Friend with physical challenges wants to try GB: Advice please

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Gavin Strelitz

Hi all,


I have a friend who is interested in doing the GB Foundation program. She has a mild form of cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis) which is a lifelong disorder that can't be cured.


She had some success working with a PT where she built herself to the following level:


10 knee pushups, 6kg (in each hand) squats/lunges x 10, 5 gentle sit ups where her head hardly leaves the ground, 30 trx rows maybe at 45deg, rowing machine for 1000m.


Unfortunately her PT is no longer available to work with her.


My question is whether it is safe for her to attempt Foundation 1. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Equally, as she is based in Sydney, Australia, if anyone knows of a particularly good physio or PT they would recommend then please feel free to provide those details.


Thanks in advance.


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Keilani Gutierrez

I've been giving class to people post op, kids who have autism, people who have reconstructed achilles / hamstrings / knees and the same concept applies to everyone.

they bring what they bring to the table, it's my job to create the atmosphere to simultaneously teach them how small they are and how big they are.....to equalize the humanity in the building. so that when we're both working, they feel okay doing the progressions they are doing and not to tell themselves what they can or cannot do.

if she already wants it, that's important. now what has to be established is a relationship with her trainer so she can feel comfortable when she has her spasms and also, to not feel like she has to take something on that she doesn't feel comfortable doing but know that eventually chipping away at what you can chip away at is the desired goal.

this is one of the things i've noticed is most important for any person, they have to feel empowered to feel good about whatever soul crushing deficiency they need to work on....and when you put it into perspective, we are all at one point or another going to need to become experts on how to deal with that emotion.

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Briac Roquet

Definitely go see Mr. Bodyweight Moustache, they'll definitely have the right mindset to help her and if they are stuck for any reason, they'l have Coach to ask for help.

Maybe he or another member of the team will reply here directly, I've never seen any post about people with disabilities who want to start go unanswered for long.  :)

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