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Front lever: Will it ever be possible?

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Joshua Naterman

Lol, there you go! I have too much going on to go dig all that out of my notes so I am sorry for the inaccuracy of my post. I'm glad Coach stepped in to give his preferred progression!

Keep in mind that XR handstands are supposed to be RTO. Very tough on the bicep tendon!

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Neal Winkler

Here is Coaches post (which I keep in a word document along with other pearls of wisdom by him and Ido)

The elbows and biceps need to be gradually prepared prior to beginning strenuous iron cross training. Generally I begin athletes with the series listed below. During all of these steps pressure should be felt on the biceps. If this pressure is not felt, then continue working that variation until you are strong enough to execute it correctly.

Elbow Preparation Series for Iron Cross Work:

1) XR support hold - Focusing on elbows locked and straight is critical here.

a) It is also quite acceptable to insert both XR support swings and XR swinging supports into this phase. 10 repetitions of large XR swinging supports can be especially challenging, as well as a lot of fun , while struggling to maintain the correct position.

2) XR L-sit.

3) XR 1/2 press - During this element, the athlete will press up as high as possible into a half press HS maintaining completely locked elbows and rings turned out at all times. Do not attempt to press higher than it is possible for you to maintain the correct arm/elbow position. Please note that this is an essential element in this progression.

4) XR HS - There should be a substantial degree of pressure on the biceps during a correctly performed XR HS. If this pressure is not present, in all likelihood either the elbows are bent or the rings are not turned out.

5) XR Planche variations - Some individuals may find that they are physically strong enough to proceed directly from XR HS work to the iron cross training as planche training can be a time consuming proposition. However for those who see it through, achieving a solid planche prior to beginning serious iron cross work will pay substantial dividends in the long term.

6) XR Iron Cross work.

Simultaneously alongside with the above progressions; the athlete may also engage in elbow supported iron cross static holds and iron cross pulls.

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