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RDL's, Jefferson Curls, Hamstring Strength and Knee Issues


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Hypothetical question/an issue I am curious about. Let's say a man has a perfect pike, excellent hamstring mobility and very good, but not yet perfectly matching compressional strength when doing pike lift.  Jefferson curls bother his back, even when worked with only 20 lbs. He feels the loading over extends him. Also, when doing a less complex move, an RDL, he gets more strain in Low Back and shoulders, but nothing in the hamstring. His current strength level is technically foundation 2, but when dabbling in foundation 3, he does quite well.  The whole reason this topic was explored in the first place was knee pain (around the patella)/he was feeling and a personal feeling of being too quad dominant (strength wise). FYI, Unloaded, pike is fine and pike lifts do not bother anything or cause an strains.


I have my own views on how to handle this "hypothetical question", but I was wondering if any coaches have experienced this with themselves and there athletes and what they did to improve the athlete. 



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David McManamon

If I understand correctly I think the guy likely has weak erector spinae & obliques, probably thought "core" meant abs only; although the Jefferson curl is a unique stress - forward bending under load so plenty of other issues could be relevant.  I would be curious how the person does with reverse leg lifts or arch ups.

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