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Alexander Castiglione

My FBAS > FSAS - accessory work to remedy?

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Alexander Castiglione

Hey Everyone, 


So i was playing around with planches today on my lunch break (thank god for a gym in the lobby of my building. At least i can get a break from "desk patrol" as coach calls it).


I hadn't trained it in a while, but I had a pretty solid 30s Planche lean when i took a month or 2 off (moved into a new place, life got in the way, was traveling; didn't train FSAS as much as I would've liked, excuses aside). Now, I have to work back up to it. However, I'm noticing that my FBAS is waaaaaaaay more advanced, as in I can almost execute rope climbs, in full straddle, with decent form (not perfect - but decent, I'd say a C+). Bent arm hang? No problem. Wide grip BTN pullups? All day... 


I'm wondering what accessory work I can do to get my straight arm strength to catch? Handstand shoulder taps maybe? As you all know, planche work is very hard on the joints, especially for a relative beginner like me, so I only train it 1-2x a week, and do CrossFit workouts 4-5 days a week, with some boxing mixed in. After a bout with tendinitis in my left arm (tennis and golfers elbow, basically according to the doc) I backed off the Oly lifting and was very careful with my programming. If i feel like i need a rest day, i take it, even if i don't want to.  


FSAS work is pretty new to me, and it was humbling when I fell on my face after a few seconds in a proper lean at first. 


Any and all help is appreciated. 

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Alexander Castiglione

The answer is simple and not well liked. Spend a lot more time in straight arm positions. Do it smartly and within a safe ROM until you are caught up to increase it. There is no workaround on this.

Fair enough, and I learned a way back to check my ego. Do you think I should just concentrate on Planche leans, or incorporate handstand work as well to get my arms/shoulders used to the load from multiple vectors? 

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