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Interval timer

George Launchbury

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George Launchbury

Today my GymBoss arrived.

I got it to manage my rest and work intervals, because I find I start to daydream during rests after a few sets, and lose count of when I should be starting or stopping when not on a nice easy schedule. For example; when doing 0:20 work/0:40 rest I just start on the minute. If I decide to up my work to 0:30, I either need to decrease my rest, or have to start remembering to add 10 seconds per round to my start time.

The main reasons I got this in particular was:

> It was relatively cheap

> It can have one repeating interval, or two rest/work intervals

> It can count sets/rounds

> It's easy to change between exercises

> Has a clip for attaching to clothing

> Clear display of time(s)

> Water/shock resistant

I'll keep you posted as to whether I actually find it as useful as I thought I would for my gymnastic conditioning... but even if it's not - it will at least be really useful for Tabata and other interval-based MetCon, when I'm breathing too hard to think after a few sets!



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