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A new guy here!

Simone Di Giuseppe

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Simone Di Giuseppe

Well, hello there!


My name is Simone, I am 20 yo and I come from Milan, Italy. This is my first time writing in this forum but I am definitely planning on actively joining the community and learn a lot from it!


I was a former martial artist practitioner (Shaolin Wushu) and I have been practicing artistic gymnastics for 5 months right now. When I left Wushu, which was a difficult decision, I followed a certain desired that was deep inside my mind and I decided to try gymnastics.


As my new journey started, I knew all the difficulties  that an adult practitioner has to overcome (funny how 20 yo is basically an old one for gymnastics! ). But I also think that there's nothing like hard but smart work , followed by perseverance and patience. So I am slowly getting to beginners skills and drills on the gymnastic apparatus (h bar, p bars, vault, floor etc).


There it goes my decision to take the handstand challenge (H1) ! In this months I learned a lot about this exercise, listening to everyone's advice in the gym but I am willing to upgrade my knowledge and execution about it.

I have a great hip mobility due to my past years but I lack of upper body strenght and mobilty. This is probably the reason why I can hold a good handstand on the floor for just a few seconds, followed by the slow drop to a somersault. I am saying "good" because my coaches often tell me that I have a great line (ALWAYS followed by the most heartbreaking sentence: you should have started 15 years ago :P )


I am looking forward on slowly gaining the necessary strenght and mobility to perform it, respecting all the right execution canons.



SO, I wanna thank you if you read the whole post!

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Rajesh Bhat

Hello and welcome to the GB forum, Simone! 


A couple things:


1) I highly recommend you purchase the F1 and stretch series as well to build a well rounded physique and reduce the chance of muscular imbalance, and possibly injury.


2) More serious event gymnastics (even things like levers and swings, or intermediate tumbling) is highly unrecommended until you have mastered most of Foundation and handstand. If you learn things like cartwheels and handstands wrong the first time, they will be very hard to correct later on (I speak from experience with my son :P


Welcome to the community, and enjoy your journey!

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Simone Di Giuseppe

Thank you GenericGymnast for the welcome!


My weekly workout consists in 3 days of H1 followed by stretching work and a couple of days in the gym working with the major barbell exercises (Deadlift, squat, push press etc). My plan is purchasing the stretch and the foundation in the near future  :D


That's my summer workout because the gymnastics gym stopped for a month, otherwhise I am followed by a couple of coaches during the lessons. They and I know what I am capable of and that's the reason why for example, I am working on rings until I reach a serious upper body strenght

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