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Pulled Back Muscle Mid HS

Ezra Richardson

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Ezra Richardson

Hi Everyone,


I will warn you, I am new to GB, so please excuse me if I'm not posting in the correct place.


However, I'd really appreciate some advice/help with an issue I'm dealing with currently. 


I am not a member of any gymnastics gym, I do all my training at home on my own setup. 


TODAY, I was going about my regular HS training, I'm currently working on building strength in HSPU to incorporating wall assisted HSPU, which has worked very well for me! I've seen significant progress! As I finished my second working set I was descending from the HS by walking away from the wall and then dropping my feet when I have enough space to do so. IMMEDIATELY I felt a sharp pain right off my spine on my left side. It was pain enough to make me say OW and cringe, and following it was a slight burning sensation, but it went away rather fast. 

After resting I tried the same set again. Executing the movements correctly and then the same thing happened on the descending motion.


I'm hoping someone might share some thoughts on what this is.

I'm experienced in gymnastics and bodyweight training however, I've never dealt with something like this before.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! 


Train Hard

Eat Smart

Live Happy

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The title of the topic is also it's own answer. 


You've strained one of the small muscles in your back. These kind of strains can be quite painful when you do something that causes that muscle to contract. It's exactly that kind of wincing pain.


The good news is it will generally go away within a couple of weeks, and it is rarely anything more than a temporary annoyance.


In the meantime, avoid any activity that triggers sharp pain. However gently mobilising the area is helpful.

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