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Adam Cardilini

Door Frame Clamp?

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Adam Cardilini

G'day All,


I have recently moved to a new apartment and there is only one spot that I might be able to get rings on. It is a doorframe that looks like an upside down T. I can't screw anything into the walls or doorframe because I rent, but I was wondering if you clever people might have some suggestions.


I was thinking that there might be a clamp or something that I can put on the doorframe and then hook the rings onto that. Above the door frame is a glass window pane so it can't be anything that pushes on that. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your help.




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Jesse Frigo

How often do you need to close that door?


With a few short pieces of pipe, some connectors, and some padding (to prevent scratches) you could have a pretty solid bracket that is assembled onto the doorframe.  (Imagine a "C" shape facing up.)  You could build three-quarters of it, then put it in place and screw the last pieces in, locking it in place.


You just wouldn't be able to close the door.

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