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Which foundation to buy

waler white

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Which foundation would be best based on my current level of strength.

Current weight 148

Ring Dips additional  0.85% bodyweight with a 10 second hold at the bottom top for 3 reps

3 consecutive one arm pull-ups 5 second hold top/bottom

3 consecutive Ring Hspu 1 leg barely touching strap

1 arm handstand additional 50% bodyweight against wall 6 sets 10

1 arm dead hang addition 100% bodyweight 6 sets 10

1 arm adv truck front lever 6 set 10


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Foundation 1.

You have presented solid strength numbers, however have not mentioned a single mobility criteria. Red flags go up for me when I see such a potential imbalance.

Yours in Fitness,

Coach Sommre

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one arm wrist hold on cement additional 60lbs

Back bridge arms elbows locked

L sit rings with ease

straddle rings with ease

v sit 90 easy

never trained manna

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Unfortunately I recently worked out and I have no videos. So could I make the videos/post all of them in a few days so I do not compromise form ?

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