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Antifragile Movement

Rachid Tahri

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Hello Guys


I was exceptionally busy for a while because I personally had some opportunity to start my own company in the Netherlands 'Antifragile Movement'. I was actually very disappointed about the 'status quo' that I opened a movement based company myself. I would like to take this opportunity to thank GymnasticBodies 'personally' since it ment a lot for my own development. 


I am definitely planning to organise a seminar in Amsterdam with the awesome GymnasticBodies. I started already with giving mobility courses (very basic) myself. I off coarse can only give up until the stuff I can do, I also point to GymnasticBodies as the originator of lots of my ideas. I am gradually trying to change the fitness culture in my local area and hope to have a positive influence over here.   


You can show your support by liking my newly opened facebook page . 


With kind regards,


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