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Philip M

"It never gets easier. You just go faster"

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Philip M

This quote by Greg Lemond (Tour de France cyclist) pops into my head whenever I think about the patience required to achieve such a complete set of skills like all-round body fitness. That point where everything becomes easier never really comes, you only get better at one thing then you have to improve at another thing. I don't think most people are ready to accept this.





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Colin Macdonald

My philosophy on this is that I need to focus on making what I'm working on right now feel rewarding. Otherwise I'll always be focusing on the next new skill no matter what point I'm at. I'll master my leans but I'll be thinking about planche, I'll master planche but I'll be thinking about maltese... If you don't find your training rewarding now, it never will be. If you can achieve that mindset, the work becomes all that matters.

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