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Xtreme Ring Review


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I recently purchased a pair of Xtreme Rings. I have wanted a pair for some time, and with Coach Sommer running an introductory special, I knew it was the time to buy.

Shipping: Reasonably priced at ~$9 for US Postal Delivery via Priority Mail. They were mailed on Wednesday, and at my door on Friday. Very fast shipping. I ordered on Monday, and Coach Sommer emailed me saying he was out of town, and would ship them first thing when he returned on Wednesday. The heads-up note was very courteous and professional.

1. The rings are one piece of solid textured plastic. I looked closely and there were no sprue or oversplash from the molding process. Having worked extensively with plastics, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the manufacturing. The rings are a finished product, professionally made, and sturdy.

2. The straps are thick and approximately 1" wide and 18' long. The buckles are easy to use, making adjustments ridiculously easy.

3. The velcro pieces are a nice touch to keep the excess strap out of the way.

So far I have done pull-ups, push-ups, L-sits, and limited ROM dips on the rings, and my young daughter has enjoyed swinging on them. For the record, I weigh 265 pounds and the whole set-up is rock-solid. I am very pleased with this purchase, and have recommended Xtreme Rings to others interested in obtaining a rings for strength and conditioning.

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