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Planche Workout Program Help


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Christopher Schwab

The foundation program will get you safely to a Straddle Planche, as well as other great skills like the Manna and Front Lever. 


I'd say for slow, steady and safe progression for the planche the gymnastic bodies Foundation program is your best bet. It addresses specific planche training as well as preparing the joints and body for them, and fixing your mobility deficits in planche specific areas. 


Other good ways I progressed well before foundation (and I have scaled back to avoid injuries now) are Vass the Super Saiyan's Planche book, here: http://store.streetworkout-france.fr/boutique/le-guide-ultime-de-la-full-planche


There is an English version as well, I just do not recall the link to it, but it will take only 5 minutes of searching if you want it enough.


Other than Foundation and Vass' program there is Coach Sommer's old article which details progressions for Manna and Planche, located here: http://www.dragondoor.com/articles/building-an-olympic-body-through-bodyweight-conditioning/


Hope that helps!



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