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Want to Find What You Need Easier? Use Tags

Scott Malin

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For those who don't know about this feature, tags are a great way to find similar content or a specific topic. They'll only work, however, if everyone gets in the habit of doing it. :)


For threads with tags, related content will show at the bottom of the thread page. 



Good tags are those that other people are likely to also use and are either broad categories (e.g. "front lever") or specific but commonly understood (e.g. "MN/PE1"). 

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Good advice Cory. A list of tags to choose and click from would be really helpful in avoiding runaway expansion of the numbers, and inevitable typos. [a popup window upon confirmation of the thread requesting tags maybe?]


To help searches, the use of good titles is critical; the title should contain the name of the exercise (or better its formal abbreviation or code), and what the question or problem is.


                    - Good title: MN/PE1, lower back pain, what to do?

                    - Bad title: Please help with my problem here guys.


Please also make sure that you limit each thread to one exercise and/or one question whenever possible.



..............  while I am at it, please use paragraphs for ease of reading, maybe a little bit of formatting for emphasis, and limit emoticons to a reasonable number. :)

I'll keep grammar and spelling for next time... :P

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