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book ETA-inquiring minds have to know


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Coach Sommer,

FIrst of all, thank you for you article on the planche and lever progressions. Because of it, ive changed my mentality from using traditional weightlifting-to using more gymnastics style training. I'm in much better shape now that i started ringtraining, handbalancing, and acrobatic skills.

I know there as several others wondering this-when are the rest of your products going to be available? You said when the website is up, but when can we expect that? I check the site daily in the hopes the book is finally on sale- i'll bet anything i'm not the only one :lol: -i'm really looking forward to it and i know it will worth the price and the wait, plus i am also very interested to see the products that will go along with the rings in order to provide variety so that those of us not lucky enough to start gymnastics at a young age can still achieve a good level of gymnastic conditioning.

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