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Manna on rings,possible?

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Connor Davies

Isn't there some kind of horizontal force involved in say, a planche or front lever?


I dunno, this physics is starting to lose me.  Where's Slizzardman when you need him?

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David McManamon

Possible, I would say definitely.  Considering the added difficulty compared to floor manna I would be very surprised to see anyone committed enough to the training to actually achieve it on rings but who knows?  

A possible progression would be to start on aerial straps since wrapping the straps around your forearm would make the balance considerably easier and allow you to adjust the leverage and therefore strength requirements.

Those familiar with straps know that when the strap is wrapped above the elbow a move such as a v-sit is actually very easy while wrapping at just the wrist begins to approach a v-sit on the rings.  

I suppose we could dig up our old physics textbooks to analyse force vectors, if you push back into the rings horizontally and they are mounted above they do push back, just not as hard as the floor so you would have to push harder and against a moving base increasing the strength demands considerably.

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Andrew Long

In a manna you have you fingers pointing backwards although I'd imagine on the rings you'd need them to point forwards or side wards to avoid the straps bracing against your arms. Maybe with a slight lean its possible but the lean would not need to be great if anything at all really and that would be more like an extremely piked reverse planche.

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