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George Launchbury

*NEW FEATURE* ...Embed your YouTube video!

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George Launchbury

Hi All,

I have just added some custom BBcode to enable the embeddding of YouTube video directly into your posts. For example:


How does it work?

If the URL to view the video on YouTube is:

...the code for that video would be: FwnbE7hHsEU

Paste this code into your post, highlight it, and then hit the new "YouTube" button above the editing pane (where B, i, u, Quote... are) which will wrap it in the following tags. You could simply type it too, if you prefer! :)

However you get there, it needs to look like this to work properly:


NB - DO NOT post any content that might be construed as offensive/illegal, and if you think it might be borderline then please post the link as before and warn people about your concerns. It's not just about people's sensibilities, a lot of company's IT departments have red flags that come up for certain kinds of content which could get people in trouble with their employer.

Otherwise enjoy - and let me know if there are any problems.



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Hayden Whealing

I have found that you can create links to youtube or any other site by opening a new window of the page you want to make a link to. Copy and paste the address in to your post and now it's a link.

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Robbie Main

I seem to be having some technical difficulte with this new feature

All I see is an empty square with a small icon in the corner and cant see any video. Does anybody know what the fix to this is?

Many Thanks


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