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Found 1 result

  1. Johannes Wollnmirni

    newbie question: workout structure?

    hello everybody, i have a question about my personal workout structure. i am not sure whether it is effective and helping me to achieve my goals. i train gymnastics 2xweek and taekwondo 2xweek. my goals: -gaining strength and building muscle (full body) -being able to hold a freestanding handstand for a few seconds -harder variations on front and backlever (currently: tuck) my workout: aprox.: 5min warm up -increasing heart rate -shoulder and wrist mobilisation skill: ca. 10 min cartwheel, handstand, frog stand fsp&muscle up: aprox. 10min 6x10s front- or backlever 6x1 rep ring muscle up (alternating sets) strength: aprox. 25-30 min. upper body: 3x4-8 reps upper body pulling 3x4-8 reps upper body pressing (alternate) lower body: 3x3reps leg exercise 3x15s bridge (alternate) flexibility: 2x 2min front split OR side split OR pike stretch what do you think about this structure? iam questioning since i am often sore after the workout (having this structure a while) and i am not happy with my handstand progress. should i pay ore attention to skill work, fsp or flexibility? sorry for the long post, thank you for paying attention.

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