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Found 2 results

  1. Geonho Lee

    Should I stop gaining weight..?

    Hello! First, I hope you understand my not good English because I'm korean, I'm 68/168cm and 21 years old, I have big problem that can't do a handstand, planche, front lever and so on. I've been doing calisthenics for 1.3 years, I know that i have a very short period. I've started practice handstand for 5 months I can do it yet. I think that reason that I'm so heavy and weak than my strength and balance ability and I think I can do those technique if I practice consistently, but I want to know efficient method whether i have to practice many techniques after lose weight or keep now. please let me what should i do! thank you.
  2. Boban Ilievski

    Meal planning for evening training

    Hey guys. I'm gonna have to do changes in my schedule because of work obligations, and I can't train in the morning as I used to so it has to be in the evening. If I eat right after I come from work, at around 17:00 I'll do my training at 19:00. So my post workout meal, which will be at around 20:30, will also be my last meal for the day. My question is: Will this have some negative effect, to only have one big meal after hard training session (I'm following a gymnastics program)? I want to gain some more muscles and bring my weight at around 75kg (I'm 71 right now with 176cm) and was wandering if I still eat the right amount of calories and proteins, but with most of that before the training session for the day and with only one meal after, will I be able to reach my goal?
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