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Found 2 results

  1. Oscar Riaño

    Rings strength positions

    Hi guys, should lifting exercises be integrated in the strength for rings? What is a good balance between lifting exercises and specific strength moves training? I was training with Gregor in Slovenia when I was living there and he really put a lot of emphasis in developing strength for maltese and planche through lifting exercises. He told me that a person is able to hold a maltese if he can lift a 60% of his bodyweight in a maltese simulating exercises with both weights. But what is actually the real ratio for bodyweight and lifting training for the best progress? US gymnasts, for instance, look really jacked and pumped, but then you see them perform and... Meh. I would say that they dont really achieve high levels of relative strength. Instead, you see many quite "skinny" gymnasts performing much more difficult skills. Are weights even necessary? I see bigger progresses by doing for example maltese leans on rings than maltese simulations with weights... What do you think?? Thanks in advance
  2. Ching Yin Leung

    USA Women's Gymnastics featured in recent ad

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDM1FPFxbVk PS: How do I embed with smaller size video?
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