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Found 2 results

  1. Gil Goldman

    Can Thrive succeed for students?

    Hi everyone! Thanks to your amazing reviews of the Thrive system and it's benefits, I decided to give it a go! About two years ago I've started attending university abroad, and while it is immensely fun, living in Europe has had a massive impact on my weight. So while your reviews have convinced me that Thrive works, I have a few specific questions regarding how can Thrive be adapted to my life. As the university dormitory only allows use of an oven in the larger, common kitchens, which needs to be reserved a few days in advance, I am usually limited to cooking using a stove and a microwave. Does Thrive rely heavily on using an oven, or could it be circumvented? Student life are messy and unorganized - would it be possible to maintain Thrive even without a rigid, or sometimes even known, schedule? Or must we eat very specific amounts in very specific times? While living in a foreign country has a lot of benefits, transparency is not one of them. Would Thrive work if I am unable to ascertain fully what exactly is in whatever I am required to eat? Meaning, does Thrive rely heavily on eating Grass-fed, Non Gmo, gluten free, lactose free, free range, organic foods, or other random food requirements? Learning the appropriate words to find out how much salt is in this sauce is easy, trying to explain what is grass fed is hard (from experience) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas! you guys are an inspiration, and I can't wait to get started!
  2. JanTanja

    Starting Late in Gymnastics

    Hello all. My name is Jan, I am 17 years old and I am about to be a senior in high school. In many ways, I am a typical high school student, going to pursue a degree after high school (hopefully mech engineering or civil engineering), playing sports (rugby, wrestling, weightlifting), music, extracurriculars, etc. What separates me is my will and dedication to the awesome sport of gymnastics. I found gymnastics about a year and a half ago. Well technically, I was inspired first by street workout and then was baffled at the strength of gymnasts when I bought my first pair of rings. So far, I have been training seriously for about a year, but it was only from this last month that I have decided to ONLY train for gymnastics strength elements (such as maltese, pl, bl, fl, etc). Well actually I lift weights once a week, the only exercise being deadlifts. I have tried all the other events, like pommel horse, high bar, floor, parallel bars, and vault. Currently, I can press to handstand both pike and straddle, hold an L sit for about 40 seconds, hold a full back lever for 10 seconds, hold a straddle front lever for 5 seconds (I know it needs work), and hold an advanced tuck planche for around 20 seconds. I am also learning how to backflip. Reading around the forums, it seems to me that I am progressing pretty quickly (at least in my opinion). I train at least 5 days a week, 7 times a week. To be honest, training for gymnastics has been a blast and I feel that I am a natural at it. I have the dedication to keep working and eventually hone my skills to possibly make it big (well actually, I'll be realistic; I know I won't be going to the Olympics or anything but at least self train myself to at least be in the NAIGC or even the NCAA). I truly love training because of the mobility aspect of gymnastics, combined with the functional strength you do not get in any other sport. I plan to join a gym, attend a few open gyms a month, and possibly save up for some of the programs on gymnasticbodies. In college, I wish to participate in some kind of gymnastics club, such as the NAIGC. ANYWAYS, here is my question. I was wondering if there are any fortunate gymnasts who have started around my age and have succeeded in the competitive sport of gymnastics. Or at least made it to the NCAA. I want to make realistic goals for myself. Although I know I train more than I even study sometimes, I know there has to be a limit for what I can accomplish. Thanks in advance!
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