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  1. hello guys, I really hope you can help me here, as I am a bit impatient and desperate. I am a 21 year old girl, I am 162cm and weigh 110lbs. I always had a passion for tumbling, when I was young I thought you would need ages to learn a backhandspring and just very few adult people can do it. During puberty I discovered gymnastics and tumbling as a sport, I never heard of it before as we used to live in a farm and all I did was playing outdoors. But I was too shy to ask someone if he knew a gym or tumbling class and as me and some of my friends were homeschooled, there was no oppurtunity to learn it, so I stretched for myself and watched tutorials on youtube. Last year I started studying and moved to a city. I joined a recreative tumbling class as well as an acrobatic class and the teacher didn't believe me I have never done anything like this before! I lean fast and I am quiet strog for a beginner, maybe because I love it so much! I am working out since 7 months! Here are my current skills: Oversplits of 10cm very good back and shoulder flexibility (I can put my head through my legs) 4 pull-ups 35 good form push-ups 5 hanging leg raises 20 sec straddle lever support on floor 7 sec L-sit on floor press handstand against wall or with a little tiny jump walkovers cartwheel one-handed cartwheel roundoff I know that sound like nothing, but it is so much fun to me, I could tumble and do stretching and conditioning all day round! Now my question: As I am a student and don't work, I could spend 4 hours of training a day, 2 in the gym (that's all the offer) and stretching and conditioning at home. The thought of could have been starting at an earlier age and could have been a lot better then, makes me so sad and angry! But this is my passion and I don't want to give up, I won't make it to the olympics but that's not what I want. I just want to get good for myself, to have fun in the gym and be able to do some impressive skills. I have set myself some goals and now want to ask you, if it is possible to achieve that at my age and if so, how long it would take to achieve it (I know you can't tell - just approx!) Strength: 10 pull-ups 20 hanging leg raises (will these two exercises enable me to climb a 15 ft. rope in L-position?) straddle to press handstand on floor V-sit on floor Skills: Tic-Toc Hold a normal handstand as well as in a split position front/back handsprings front/back tuck round off - back handspring - back tuck front/back handspring stepout back handspring layout' maybe a twist side aerial front aerial I don't want to do bars, beam or vault btw, I am just in tumbling, although I have some of the skills. Do you think my dream is possible? And if so, in what amount of time will I get it? I know you can't tell, but i will work really hard! I would do anything to get to this. Would you recommend one of the Foundation's? Does one of them cover my goals? I hope you can help me!
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