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Found 1 result

  1. I have thought quite a lot about advanced Side Lever variations lately. I think that there is a great lack of resources in the Internet about this topic. The main reasons behind this being that: most people do not give a damn about lateral straight-arm strength (they do not know what they are missing!) for the other: not a lot have truly mastered the Side Lever covered in the Foundation Series (myself included) Of course, the purpose of this topic is not to divert people from focusing on the basics: master the Side Lever first! The purpose of this topic is for curious people to discuss what could be considered as the logical path for Advanced Side Lever variations. Without further ado, as you already know this is a Side Lever: This is a fundamental level lateral straight-arm strength exercise. What do you think should come next guys? I have been working on a lateral straight-arm strength standard, tell me what you think about that. Advanced level: 1/ Reverse Side Lever (image belongs to Ruben Yebran) 2/ Giant Side Lever Pull From a Side Lever, "rotate" your body to a Reverse Side Lever. Gaggi Yatarov can perfom this exercise, he ends up in a prone position instead of a lateral position but as there is not a lot of resource about this exercise in the Internet I will show his example anyway. Ideally, the last position should be the same as the Reverse Side Lever I showed above. 3/ Side Cross It goes without saying that arms should be straight, but finding Side Cross pictures is quite hard. This exercise would require a special apparatus because if you do not have the right arm span you will basically either have bent arms or you will be unable to grab one of the bar. Elite level: 1/ Butterfly to Side Cross You certainly know the Butterfly to Iron Cross, also known as the "straight-arms pull-up". The Butterfly to Side Cross is the same, but instead of pulling from a Hanging position, you pull from a Side Lever position and end up in a Side Cross or even in a Reverse Side Lever if you want to continue after reaching the Side Cross position. I have never seen this exercise performed for a very simple reason: the required apparatus to perform this exercise would be a pain in the ass to find. Any idea about what it could be? 2/ One Arm Side Lever Pull It is also very difficult to find picture or video about this exercise so again the form showed will not be perfect: 3/ One Arm Side Lever Same as above but you have to hold the position. That's it guys

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