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Found 1 result

  1. I'm currently working on developing my shoulder mobility so that I can open them up and perform a 'good' handstand. I have a common handstand problem: my shoulder angle is closed, my chest sticks out, and my back is arched. I was hoping that someone with experience in this area could comment on my plan: 3x/week: 10 shoulder circles on each arm with resistance bands (wrap the band against a pole; stand facing the pole, raise your arm above your head, and slowly move your hand in small circles, trying to maximize shoulder flexion on one end of the circle) 10 shoulder presses (kick into a handstand with someone to spot for balance. Allow your shoulders to close and your chest to sag, then press your chest in and your shoulders open; the spotter should provide enough assistance for you to reach the proper position.) 60s wall handstand with chest to the wall, inching hands in as close as possible 60s ring handstand, using the cables for balance, with shoulders maximally opened. This is supplemented by the static stretching I already do, which includes 2-3 minutes a day of deeply stretching shoulder flexion. Does this seem reasonable? Is there any obvious way to improve this plan? I've had poor shoulder position in my handstand for years and I'm eager to begin correcting it. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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