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Found 1 result

  1. Michael Wolf

    Impossibly inflexible

    I would love to try Gymnastics Bodies. I'll buy Foundation One and Handstand One if it makes sense. My issue is that I'm impossibly inflexible and always have been. As a kid in Kindergarten I couldn't sit cross-legged. As a ten-year-old with baseball dreams I tried for months to learn to squat like a catcher (proper squat with heels on ground) and never got anywhere. As an adult I religiously did yoga for a couple of years and improved precisely zero. I've had two different personal trainers over the years tell me that the only clients they had who were less flexible had metal parts in them! If this program requires people in the second percentile of flexibility or better to achieve results, well, I'm in the first percentile. I feel like a dyslexic entering a speed-reading program. Yet, I know that for me it's probably more important than for everybody else to maintain and improve my mobility and strength, to the limited extent possible, so that I'm not stooped over at age 80. But I'm already 53 and I'm not stooped, though I not surprisingly also have some lower back degeneration -- not a ton but I'm not on a good course the way I"m going. SO, anybody have any experience with this or any thoughts of whether this program is either perfect for me or just out of my league?
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