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Found 2 results

  1. Flew to NYC this weekend to meet up with Tim Ferriss & Seth Godin, and wanted to try and stay consistent with my GST. I found Nick Ebner's GST class at Complete Body and booked a class online at http://nickebnerfitness.com After a rush hour cab from JFK to the gym, I had a totally awesome workout! Granted to this date my only experience with GST was via my computer with GymnasticBodies and @Coach Sommer planning/guidance. Today it was awesome to get tips and live cues throughout training from @Nick Ebner. Especially thankful for the extra time he took at the end of the class to eval my PE3 headstand progress and provided great cues. Highly recommend if you are in NYC or traveling there to check out Nick's class! This has me super excited to do the GB Seminar in Colorado over Memorial weekend...
  2. Alexander Castiglione

    GST and Oly Work?

    Hey Everyone, Ever since finding out about GST and Gymnastic Bodies I've been on a tear looking up all of Coach's interviews. I listened to Robb Wolf's podcast Episode 213, and at the very end, Coach alluded to something about looking into mixing GST and Oly work. Does anyone know anything about this? I'm a mediocre lifter at best, and am loving the challenges while doing GST solely with just some cardio, but I am kind of missing the barbell (i took the forum's advice and stepped back from cycling Wendler while doing GST) - has anybody employed this approach? Coach maybe you can comment... I'm thinking about just the snatch and C+J specifically, but I'm aware we need to be very, very careful about blowing out tendons and connective tissue. Since I found this modality of training, I've been super-strict about my rest days (where I do nothing except maybe take my dogs on a walk). For the forseeable future - GST all the way, maybe one day a week I'll OHS, snatch, or C+J - but thats a big maybe and only if I feel really good - not smoked in any way and def not on a deload week.

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