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Found 3 results

  1. Matt Oney

    Hip Arthritis and Stiffness

    Severe hip arthritis, not in any pain thanks to noninflammatory diet. If I can just get some mobility back I can avoid hip replacement for a short while longer. Finally been consistent with MS and FS coming up on 22 weeks I know all the gains are at 6 months and can't wait. The big thing is the tightness in the glutes and lowerback, I can't get close to being in the tuck position. If I could get there... I don't think I'd need the hip replacement. What else can I do? I will take any suggestions, especially if anyone can point me to any videos etc. I am digging into the glutes with lacrosse balls etc. Thank you!!
  2. Hi there, I've been making semi-decent progress with my pike flexibility with the help of Jefferson curls and some calf stretching work. However, I've realised that my glutes are as tight as tight can get. Like, to the point where my massage therapist tried stretching them and said "that's REALLY poor". I've sort of neglected stretching them over the years and was wondering if this could have hindered my pike progress? Could it be slowing down my progress in other stretches as well (e.g. middle split/pancake)? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Goncalo Garcia

    Hip external rotator flexibility

    Hi Coaches, I m really unflexible in my external rotators. Just want to know your opinion about doing one doay of stretching and mobility on this part of the body. I believe squats will go better soon with this.
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